On1 Exclusive Interview: Fashion Designer - Sasha Cipro

On1: Why this career path?

Sasha Cipro: I chose this career path because I have the ability to draw and create designs with no boundaries of right and wrong. To be able to bring something to life that came from my imagination.

On1: What makes your designs apart from others?

Sasha Cipro
Sasha Cipro: Well, I think everyone who creates directly from their own mind and not tracing from another easily sets themselves apart from anyone else. I guess if I could say something sets me apart from the rest is, consistence in quality, and my work is always loud and energetic.

On1: Would you consider yourself an artist?

Sasha Cipro: I'm not sure how to classify myself. I would think the best way would call myself an artist as apposed to a designer. At least an artist describes me as an individual, as a designer is categorized by skill.

On1: What drives you to create such wonderful designs?

Sasha Cipro: The who and what would be ignorance. Something that could never change, but can be steered toward liberation. And I'm not into politics, LOL. Anything and everything, as cliche as that sounds. How else can you keep creating something new and different. I am definitely inspired by music, culture and those who can set themselves apart from society and bring instant inspiration to those not looking for it. 

On1: Do you feel that what you create tells a story?
Sasha Cipro:  I think every design tells a story. It had to have come from somewhere, even if it is imaginative. That's what intrigue's people's attention. Being relatable to your audience, and then inspiring them is the best feeling.

On1: Where would you like to take your creations?

Sasha Cipro:  An entrepreneur, I definitely want to be my own boss one day, I hate taking orders from others. But I have so many ideas to take to all levels then just fashion. Director of Fashion Photography is a huge goal of mine. Traveling and being asked for your creative direction, priceless.

On1: Tell us about FIN3ST, Inc.? 

Sasha Cipro: FIN3ST, Inc. was a company I had done freelance design's for women's, men's and children's clothing when I first moved to Las Vegas. It was definitely a new genre of clothing I never touched before. A mixture of edgy graphics and free-hand drawings, Stars, skulls and angel wings, what I like to call Vegas style. We got as far as t-shirt printing, a photo shoot that I got to direct for advertising, a website, and an opportunity for the first line to be featured at a retail shop in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.  It was a great learning experience while it lasted. 

On1: What advice would you give someone who wants to be the next Sasha Cipro?

Sasha Cipro:  That would be flattering if I was somebody. My advice to another great artist would be to stay humble and inspired, don't lose your talent for creative thinking no matter how many dollar signs are thrown your way.

On1: Who would you like to give thanks to?

Sasha Cipro: I would like to give thanks to my father, he was the first to notice my talents and supported my path. My brother, who is my biggest inspiration to become better at my creative capabilities. He is the most talented artist I have ever seen. My three nephews, who taught me through their innocence and lives to keep pushing onto my dreams and has shown me a whole other world of simple happiness. And of course On1 magazine for giving me this opportunity and seeing the talent and potential in an average individual.


Learn more about  Sasha Cipro - www.myspace.com/fin3stinc

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