In the City: Los Angeles's R&B songstress returns, Jhene Aiko

Since the release of Sailing Soul(s) in 2011 and returning from her first pregnancy to beautiful daughter Namiko Love, Jhene Aiko is returning with more than just an R&B background. Jhene stems from the most beautiful ethnically diverse counties in the United States, Los Angeles itself is recognized as the most diverse largest cities within the United States.

Jhene Aiko
Her music is deeply rooted to real life situations that her fans relate to, as her fan base grows so does her music, her writing has inspired younger women to embrace their independence and her beautiful songstress melodies grow favorable to many audiences around the world; she’s an amazing R&B artist in this industry.

Now with new production behind her, her fans are expected for a great year this 2012. Her new album titled “Soul(ed) Out” has not yet been set for a release date, but will leave fans excited.

Learn more: www.jheneaiko.com

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