In the City: Sam Siegel, @iwanabSamSiegel

Mr. long hair don't care  A.K.A. Sam Siegel hailing from the new york city region of NY. is doing it big. Sam started rapping in high school where his life experiences molded his style of sound.
After graduating from city high he went to Ithaca college but after a year decided that his music was more important. "Just a kid", "Last Kings"(feat.perrion) and " Motivation " are some tracks that take you there. He's got some up coming shows in Brooklyn (apostrophe) and the Bronx (157th&river ave.) In Feb. also starts touring in march. His style I compare to the beastie boys But, one lonely beastie he be, he ain't caring bout no body! Be on the lookout for Sam Siegel.

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