In the City: DEKlaration, Rock Fusion, @DEKraps

Darren Nicastro, Erik Bunker, Kevin Clancy A.K.A. DEKlaration  hailing from the East Weymouth region of MA. is a alt-Hip Hop-Rock fusion.
Forming in 2011 these 3 friends used their desire to be heard along with individual skills to become a phenom of sound. The influences of  Jimi Hendrix, Talib Kweli, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage(against the machine) and James Brown can be heard in thier music style. The political aspects of " Time Bomb " to the" I get it " of " Last Breath " let's you know that these guys are planning on changing the way you hear it through music. They recently performed at ArtNation (On1 Magazine event) in which they showed what thier about and if you missed it, you can catch them on St. patty's day at The BeachComber in Quincy, MA. or get their album " of Ink and Vengeance!

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