On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: ILyas, UK's Finest Music Producer, @ilyaknocdown

Talk to us about the process of creating music as a producer? 
Well actually it varies from time to time. Usually I start with a basic drum pattern and add sounds and instruments along the way. Sometimes I just sit by the piano, play chords and sing melodies. Often when doing that, the whole production basically pops up in my head. Sounds weird but I hear exactly how It should sound so I try my best to mimic the sound I have in my head.

How would you define your music to the world?

Your multi-talented is there a talent of yours that out weighs the others?

 Well, Not really. I mean, I might be talented to some extent but I've really worked hard to keep all of my "skills" up to par. Certain times when I've only been writing and singing a lot, I often feel a little disorientated when jumping back into producing and vice verse. Weather its singing, producing or writing, you really need to keep doing them all to get better and to stay at a certain level.

Walk us through your day to day in the life.

That's pretty easy LOL. Work, work and work. When I'm not in the studio, I'm either at home working or at the gym. 

 Did you always know that music was going to be something you ended up doing?

No ha ha. I wanted to become a surgeon when I grew up. I started doing music when I was around 12-13, and started singing when I was 15. But it wasn't until the age of 17 that I decided to pursue a career in music.  

How does it feel making hit songs?

To be honest, when finishing a song, you never really know if it's a hit. You have absolutely no idea how the people will react when hearing it. But once you've done a song that you love yourself and it gets a lot of positive feedback, it's the best feeling in the world!

As your client list grows, does the traveling get any easier?

Travel has always been kind of easy for me because I love traveling. The only thing that I haven't quite gotten used to is all the jet lag.

You've had amazing success over the years, what keeps you going?

The fact that there's more things to accomplish, more obstacles to overcome, and more experience to gain. Plus I LOVE music!

When your looking to kick back and relax what is a great place Ilya goes to?

Actually I haven't kicked back and relaxed in a while. But I love warm places so anywhere that is hot and sunny is good for me!

What makes you an original when it comes to your music?
I believe that by doing everything on my own, writing, producing and performing has helped me create a sound that defines me. I mean whether I write or produce for others or for myself, I always put my own touch into it.

Internationally you have taken your music to a level that fans can't seem to get enough of. What keeps you so current and popular in today's industry?

I guess I can rely on my experience as a producer and songwriter on this one. By working with different artists, producers and writers in different genres, you get pretty aware of the changes happening in music. That way you can stay current no matter if its 2012 or 2020. You just follow the wave or better yet, hopefully create a wave of your own. 

When can fans expect to pick up your music nationally?

I'm currently working on my EP that is supposed to be released this year (2011). But there's been some discussions with different labels so I might be ending up doing an album. But around the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012!

What can fans expect and take from your music; that would be inspirational?

Something to relate to. Weather it's the lyrics, the music or the emotion put behind the vocals, I always do my best to create something people can relate to. 

Who are you looking to collaborate with in future projects?

Anyone who is talented!!

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