On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Jedi P, @JediP

This is Uglymugs Mr. A.K.A. and recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Cordell Walcott  A.K.A. JediP, the man, the musician, the teacher. I dropped some random questions and it went something like this... 

Pool or ocean ? 
 " Ocean, it's deeper ".

What's in the future for JediP ? 
" I'm dropping my album  SUPRVLLN in the summer and 2 videos before the album drops".

Are you a cultured guy ?
" I would say so. I've had multiple homes growing up. So I learned different values from different homes ".

You ever want to push someone like in the movie showgirls?
" LOL no. But I've always wanted to push someone off stage".

Who would you like to work with in any business ?
" Harlem Childrens Zone. I love teaching kids music. It inspires me to inspire them ".

Ever get the boo-boos after eating food from another culture ?
" I ate this Japanese dish with curry and fish and God knows what else, I painted a wall with it #NOT #GOOD ".

Do you think women are taking over the world?

" That's old news el capitán "

I know your busy so the last question will be short. Favorite kicks ? 
" Vans, half cabs or sk8Hi ". 

I get the feeling that making it in music is JediP's goal . but as a musician , teaching kids music is a gift . Either way he's doing what he loves and will go very far . Teach them well my friend and thank you .

By: Sean Jones  aka uglymugs


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