On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Lina Legacy, Life is Beautiful, @LinaLegacy

This is Uglymugs Mr. A.K.A. with an exclusive interview with the charming Ms. Lina Legacy. After about an hour or so out of her busy schedule, I got the feeling this humble down to earth beauty will be around for awhile. This is how it went

Lina Legacy, private studio

What was your dream as a little girl?  
"My dream as a little girl was to be a model and a singer". 

Since your first amateur job, were you hooked? 
 "Yes. I remember my first runway show, I kept wanting to go back on stage". 

Were you that awkward kid who blossomed?  
"Yes, I was definitely that awkward girl that blossomed. I was the tallest and always teased about being so skinny".

 Are you beauty and goofy or beauty and brains? 
 "I am beauty and brains while working, But with my friends or in a relaxed social setting I'm the jokester"! 

Your favorite way to wake up in the morning? 
"Naturally, no alarm clock. I usually write down my dreams, then I pray and meditate until I have my full energy to get up and go about my day".

 What's your favorite moment thus far? 
"When I paid off my student loans. To me, that felt like more of an accomplishment than graduating. I felt unstoppable after that"!

Lina Legacy

 Who's your favorite artist/painter?  
"I have a few, But my first favorite would be my dad. His art work inspired me to explore art, then my mom. I loved how she never knew what she was going to draw, yet always created something incredible".

 Do you think women are taking over the world? 
 "l believe more women are beginning to realize their innate power". 

Lastly I asked about her feelings on charity. With so little time in her busy schedule she finds time to help. 

She said:
" I believe charity should come as a natural thing to do, to those that aspire for a better life. Nothing adds more beauty to the world than to help others and the act of engaging in it is the reward itself. So I definitely encourage more people to give to charity, for more reasons than just a tax break! "

By: Sean Jones  aka uglymugs


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