On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: She's Ryan, New Hip Hop GaGa, @shesRYAN

She's RYAN
This is Uglymugs Mr. A.K.A.and recently had the exclusive opportunity to get a few moments in with She's Ryan, after her performance with Nina Skyy the other night. And it went something like this...

How are you doing today?
"I'm awesome, blessed, excited and happy".

If you were stranded on an island (not Staten or Long) , what 5 things would you want and why ?
"Books, because I'd go crazy if I can't read. Some sort of instrument , because I'd go crazy with no music. Paint and a lot of canvas. Because if I'm stranded I'd love to paint and draw until I'm as good as Picasso".

Do you spit when necessary or get some tissue ?
"Eww ? 
I don't spit".

Your ideal way to wake up in the morning ?
"Pray/Meditate , then I immediately do some form of fitness (yoga or the gym). Then I have to get coffee or tea , then I can officially start my day".
She's Ryan

What's your favorite fruit ?

Real hair or Fake hair ?
" Fake ".

Have you ever sent food back, but then decided not to eat it for fear they did something to the food ?
 "Haha! Of course."

I know you gotta get going so lastly, 

What is your opinion on how females are treated in general ?

"I believe women are valued and respected. I believe women run things a lot more than people think. We just have some women who don't believe in themselves or who give off a persona where people can't really take them seriously. Which is honestly very sad , but when women carry themselves the right way and demand the respect that they deserve. We are All treated like Queens". 

So, on that quote . She's going to get some rest from her very busy schedule. So, that means I gotta go. But , just remember that She's smart, that She's going places, that She's getting it in, that She's Ryan!

By: Sean Jones  aka uglymugs


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