On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: DJ Schemes,Music and Style, @djschemes

DJ Schemes

Record after record, work after work, Dj Schemes knows how to play hits. His ground breaking technique has placed him as one of those Deejays to look out for.

How would you describe the music scene in Washington D.C. from Brooklyn, NY? 
Its different, but I like it. Brooklyn is heavily oriented around up north hip hop, reggae, soca, etc. Interestingly enough D.C. is up north technically but is heavy on down south hip hop. The scene is transforming right in front of my eyes, good thing I adapt well. lol

Selecting music is one of the most creative processes in deejaying what's your approach? 
My approach is to keep my hear to the streets and keep up with the music. As far as selecting music its mainly based on experience and the feel of the crowd & the night. 

What genre of music fits your style?
My style is an Open format. I can really play almost any type of music. However, I grew up on hip hop, r&b, & reggae. Put me in a Top 40 party or Wedding and I can rock that shit too.

What motivates you, before you entertain the crowd?
Having the ability to control their emotions thru the music. That's exciting and a huge responsibility. I love the challenge because you never really know what kind of crowd you might get. 

Who do you respect and look up to in this industry? 
There is too many names to mention. Older djs newer djs, people are definitely on they grind. But if I had to name some names Tony Neal, DJ Drama, DJ Quicksilva, DJ self, DJ Suss One, to name a few.

Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter. Facebook is lame, I only use it to do promo its no longer a personal site for me.

What is most important to you in your career?
Respect. Respect from my peers, fans, etc. I pour my heart into djing and the respect for my craft and how serious I take it does alot for me.

Mixtapes or live shows?
All my mixtapes can be found on downloadmymixtape.com And I am the resident DJ for the Stadium Club every Friday in DC. I also do many different clubs throughout Baltimore, Virginia, west Virginia & new york. 

Ultimately what do you want your fans to remember after they see you perform? 
My Energy. That you can tell that I love what I do, you can feel my energy through the music and how I play it and what I say on the mic. Its all about having a good time and sharing great memories with friends & strangers.

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