On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Ms. Portia Lee, Boston's Finest

Portia Lee

This is Uglymugs Mr. A.K.A. and recently had the unique pleasure to meet with Ms. Portia Lee. So as usual I got an exclusive interview with her while she had a few minutes from her super busy schedule. And it went something like this...

What physical activities do you participate in ?
"I am currently hooked on just dance on my Wii. I really enjoy yoga and wish I could play basketball 

( I'm horrible at it ) :) ".

How many times were you asked to work before you took them serious ?

"I have always been very passionate about my career, just as I am with All of my endeavors . I pursued interests that provided growth within my career ".

One movie you wished you directed ?

" I wish I directed Kill Bill... I love Quintin Terrintino (did I spell that right ?..lol) and I really love action movies. Best of both worlds".

How are you doing this Sunday afternoon ?

" yesterday was great !... Cooked my family a great meal and hung out with my kids watching movies an playing with action figures ".
How or what do you do to relax ?

" I am addicted to meditation. I really like to sit back with a glass of wine and soothing music " .

How do you feel about other women in comparison to yourself ?

" I adore all women. We All have unique qualities to offer. I believe women embody great deals of strength and adversity ".
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Cup cake or Twinkie ?

" Twinkie all day ! "

I know your very busy so, lastly ... 

Any social events that you volunteer for ?
" I was awarded one of Stars top 40 leaders under 40 in 2011 and like to volunteer within their organization and support their community efforts. I also am on the board at my sons private school and will continue to look for opportunities driven towards process improvement and community buildings to contribute in any way that I may " .

Well I don't know how to spell "Quentin" name either but I know who he is, like we know more about you . Career motivated, proud mother and a kid at heart still lives within this successfully minded grown woman. With her attitude and volunteer work, she's sure to be a Star leader for many years to come.

 Thank you Portia Lee.

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