On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Sean Jones, UglyMugs

Sean Jones, UglyMugs
All writers look for a breaking platform, but Sean Jones looks for a breaking win.

Would you say,you have a white Collar style mixed with the street mentality?
I have a survival instinct, so what ever the task I can adapt.

Female models or project bitches?
Female models , But project bitch's take more risks.

You grew up from the hard streets of Milwaukee, you think the corporate business mentality has any substance to the streets?
Yes in every aspect. The only difference is suits and education. 

 You've been in the entertainment industry for sometime now. Could you tell us one of your favorite encounters with a celebrity?
Staying at the Euclid inn outside of Cleveland , was going to get food from the bar and ran into Rudy Ray Moore or Dolomite if you don't know. He told me of how milwaukee was one of the places to be in the late 60's early to mid 70's far as black entertainment . He even signed a copy of Petey Wheatstraw for me.That was my ultimate encounter with a legend. Thus far.

Gangster or Pimp?
Pimp. Every pimp has a little gangster about themselves.

What's your ultimate goal in life?
To be recognized as that crazy ass dude that wasn't afraid to ask anyone anything and my writings . Be able to live good from it.

What's your art?
Creativeness in individuals that strive for perfection.

Which celebrity female, would you date and why?
That's tough !? Anyone who is 100% opposite from myself that has spiritual attributes without the obsession of it . Someone who is above my level, Someone who is smarter , Whittier , funnier, crazier but knows when it's time for family and responsibilities. I'm King, She's Queen.

We understand ugly mugs is your atlas. What can folks expect in the coming  up months from the brand?
Hopefully some sorta fashion thing ... Working on a script for a future project and still keeping my ears open in music. Also sometime within the next year or so have a picture book in stores.

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