On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Skye Townsend

Skye Townsend
Skye Townsend, has always been into music, but now the young star steps into the scene to break her name into a world wide success story.

Tell us about your musical background?
I always knew I wanted to be a singer and have been exposed to many different types of music through my parents. My mother loves Gospel and oldies and my dad loves reggae and jazz. I try to always challenge myself to learn about a new type of music. I sing in English and Spanish because I've been bilingual my whole life.

How would you describe your artistry?
I'm an all over artist. Visual and performing. It's "me".

What is something that you can’t seem to live without?
Chap Stick and iTunes.

Will your fans be expecting an album date soon?
Not an album but definitely new music.

What are your most memorable accomplishments?
I was very excited when I filmed my first movie last year. I also was stoked about covering my first magazine at 18.

What’s your favorite dish to eat?
PIZZAAA! Or any type of soul food. You can't go wrong with soul food.

How would you describe California’s urban lifestyle in music today?
The WEST is back in all aspects. Bandanas are back in fashion. Kendrick Lamar is putting Compton back on the map. Cali girls are still the best.
Skye Townsend
How long has music been a passion to you?
I discovered that I liked to sing at 3. My voice kicked in at 10.

Would you consider yourself a role model to your younger audience?
Even if I didn't, it's my responsibility to be one.

Do you have a favorite clothing line?
EBAY is the main place I shop so no...lol.

Would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?
Yeah. I'm currently head over heels.

A brother in Timberland boots or a brother in a suite?
I love when my boyfriend wears timbs but there's nothing like a suit.

Overall what’s your long time goal?
Longevity and to be recognized as a sincere artist who is hungry to make a change.

Who do you look up to most creatively?
My father.

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