On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Ethan Mugler, The Makeup Artist, @Ethan_M_Mugler

Ethan Mugler
Ethan Mugler, is a highly noted popular MUA expert, who has made a huge impact online with his talents, his expertise to his craft has driven him to popular success. 

On1 Exclusive: 

You became a popular sensation overnight, did you ever think that being a professional makeup artist would have gotten you so far?
I always had a wonderful group of followers from Facebook, twitter or Instagram. They seem to always love everything that I had done, I would get a lot of praise, compliments, respects etc. and I'm really grateful for that. I always knew that being a makeup-artist would do me well but I didn't expect that it is constantly growing and I'm getting more recognition and from that I get instant motivation.
How do you feel about the amount of fans who constantly message you about doing their makeup professionally?
To this day, I still feel in awe. Because, I am a very humble person and for my fans to ask me to do their makeup is like an honor to me. Allowing me to do their makeup is not just doing makeup, it's also allowing me to build a relationship with my fans. 
Ethan Mugler
Tell us about how you got started in this industry? 
 I have been been doing makeup since I was 15. My first start of makeup was horrendous !! Lol... but I was always interested in makeup and I'm constantly exploring the art of makeup to this day.

I been a self taught makeup artist for about 6 years plus my fans are teaching me as well because I am learning what they want and I am learning to provide that to them for their daily life.

Who is Ethan Mugler? other than the most popular professional MUA ever sought out?
Ethan Mugler is my alter ego, it's a given name from the House Of Miyake-Mugler. Ethan is a very sophisticated, classy, articulate, and also an homage to one of my favorite supermodel Linda Evangelista.

What's a day in a life of a professional MUA such as yourself?
A day in my life is never predictable; I am constantly on the go, trying to network to expand my brand. My day also includes interacting with my fans because that is very important for me to have a relationship with them.

What is your ultimate goal in life?
My ultimate goal in life is that I will be a household name makeup-artist, I want to be the next Scott Barnes or even bigger than he is. He is one of my favorite makeup artist that I am inspired by. I hope to have my own beauty line, book, and venture.

When fans check out your work and book you for appointments what do you want them to get out of the experience?
I want them to experience that I am not just an ordinary makeup artist, I want them to feel comfortable and have a trusting relationship between us. My aspect of doing makeup, I don't transform their face, I simply enhance their God given face. I want them to feel confidence and comfortable with the makeup.

M.A.C beauty products or Clinique?
Well I am a big fan of M.A.C, most of my products are from M.A.C, and however Clinque are also a favorite to me as well. I would recommend M.A.C at the end of the day.

What can fans and people of interest expect from you in the near future, during your career?
I will be doing more tutorial videos, I'll be expanding my brand, photo shoots, traveling, and hopefully I will be working in a high level in the industry.

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