On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Dope Fantasy, The Essence of Hip-hop is Back., @itsdopefantasy

Dope Fantasy
Dope Fantasy, is an underground group from Chicago, IL that is making a huge buzz in the urban city area and throughout the city.  

On1 Exclusive:
Name everyone in the group?
We have four members John Robinson aka Jay R Best by Far, Julian Williams aka Carrera Kool, Larry Parker aka L's and R&B sensation Ross Augusta.

Do you guys have a record deal yet? 

Currently we are not signed. We are focusing on independent distribution. 

Tell us about your goals and inspirations, also will fans be expecting any new music to drop this summer?

Our current goal is to gain more popularity nationwide and deliver diverse styles with a new sound. 

What is the history behind Dope Fantasy? How did you guys come together exactly? 

L's actually started the group. Jay R is his first cousin, and he attended high school with Carrera Kool. Originally we started out just cyphering and we decided to take it serious. Jay R linked up with Ross Augusta to do a track, and he ended up becoming a member. 

What are your thoughts on Hip-hop today?

Hip Hop today is very different. The game has definitely evolved, but it is slowly making its way back to its roots. We want to combine the two and show how diverse we are. 

Do you guys get compared sometimes to the famous Hiphop group Tribe Call Quest at any point in your careers?

We get compared to a number of different groups, Tribe is one, Mobb Deep, and Gang Starr. We are honored to be compared to such great groups that changed Hip Hop. 

Where else in the states can fans expect to see you guys perform this summer?

At this time we are actually planning some events for the west and southern regions, but our main focus right now is locking down the mid-west region. 

What's the new music single for Dope Fantasy this summer 2013?

Our latest single is  I.T.O.Y , its set to be released with a visual at the end of next month.  You can look for it around early July. 

Let the fans know where they can view and gain more information from the group?

You can find information on us on a number of sites our bandcamp, facebook, twitter, soundcloud. Below is a list of a few links: 
 Will you guys be collaborating with other artists, for new singles soon?
 At this time we have not planned to work with any other artist, but we are open to work with other artists. 


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