On1 Exclusive Interview: The Glamorous Lina Legacy, @LinaLegacy

Lina Legacy 

Last weekend I had a chance to chop it up with the glamorous Lina Legacy. While doing a little shopping it went something like this....

It's been a while since we last spoke, so how have you been doing lately?
I've been doing well. I hope the same is true for you.

Yes, I'm good.

 I ran across a snippet of a video you’re in so what's going on with Coconut & Water? (Red is my favorite color by the way).
Yes I agree, red is a nice color. Especially on me. Coconut & Water was a song my friend Pamela Jewels and I have created spur of the moment and the video was created like that as well. To sum it up, the song titled “Coconut & Water” with lyrics in the hook saying “ride it like a Nascar, I got that zoom zoom". It's not hard to tell it's about the power of the pussy! (LOL pardon my mouth)

 No worries. Your fine.
The song and hook were created by Pamela Jewels, the video is just a glimpse of my feature verse “Lifestyle must be glamorous, keep up with my stamina, zoom! Ok, I'm feeling you.

Here's one for you then. If you had a fake reality show like “More Mammi's of Miami” who would be your co-stars?
I'd probably pull a Tyler Perry or Eddie Murphy and play all roles of the different kind of women you are likely to see in Miami and myself.

Lina Legacy 

Keep it in the family, smart move. You’re shopping so do you try all the free samples of food in some stores or just get fast food?
When I was younger, I'm sure I circled the food court eating samples. But now if I'm going out to eat, l prefer a relaxing restaurant with five course meals to eat and enjoy with a friend or a few for a period of time. I'm not a fast food fan.

You get a chance to check out fashion week?
No I did not, however I have been working away on my new clothing line that will be launched in spring of 2014!

Look out for Lina's new website, clothing line and hopefully a full video coming soon.

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