On1 Culture: Art World - Jeff Koons, @jeffkoonsstudios

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Born in 1955 in York, Pa. Jeff Koons is one of Americas best known modern artists. At the age of 21 he received his BFA from MIC ( Maryland Institute College ) and created his name.

There is not an Art museum of recognition that is not familiar with his work. For more than ten years, Jeff Koons has been awarded some of the most prestigious honors in the Art World. 
Jeff Koons artRavein NYC
Some of which includes, Art start for kids at the Guggenheim museum to, missing and exploited children to, being elected to the American Academy for Arts and Science to, the Wallaston Award, Royal Academy of Arts to, Presidential recognition from France. 

This guy has puppies, elephants and gazing balls. Jeff Koons is a true artist with a exhibition from June 27 thru October 19 at the Whitney Museum 2014 . Let's go to the museum!


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