On1 Exclusive Interview: A statement of an artist, Bella Harris

Bella Harris, Art Work

Bella. Better known as Bella Harris is an extraordinary self taught artist with unique creative craftsmanship, her work continues to be remarked as pure excellence. We take a moment to explore her creative world in new heights as she sits down with On1 to discuss.

Bella Harris
Talk to us about BellaHarris.com, what should art lovers expect?
I started my website so that followers of my work or those just discovering my work can stay updated on current exhibitions, art shop sales, commissions and all the in-betweens that make my artistic world go round. Even if they just want to send a message and say hello, it's really a recipe of my creative interpretations, experiments and works in progress.

When did you start creating?

Your pieces are amazing for such a young artist. Did you know that your artwork would have such an impact?
Thank you! No, I didn't, I'm still a novice so it surprises me sometimes. But with much anticipation, I hope to do this until my final breath. I'm continuously evolving and discovering my own original voice... there's so much I want to do.

Bella Harris
When you're coming up with a piece for your next project, what are your thoughts and process before completion?
I used to work very quickly as it became an almost obsessive ritual to lack pause, but I'm acknowledging the benefit of taking my time and fully developing with each piece. I imagine my artwork as new stories and allow them to unfold mutually with my thoughts and ultimate vision. 

Bella Harris, Artwork
Do you ever find yourself dreaming about your artwork?
Yes, much of my works, particularly my newer and upcoming pieces, are small apparitions from my dreams.

Are you most inspired during the day or night?
Artist, Bella Harris

What can't you live without?
The air in my lungs and the soul in my imagination.

What are your favorite pieces you've created so far?
I just released a new painting, Finding My Way, and she's definitely among my favorites but there are several pieces that I haven’t shown and some I'm still creating that are very dear to me.

What makes you happy?
So many things make me happy.

Would you say you're an artist before anything else? 
I love utilizing my imagination and placing it into everything while avidly storytelling my artwork, but before anything else I'm happy just being me. 
Photo by Bella Harris

You've received much recognition for your work on various levels. Would you say many of your followers see your artwork as escapism?
They have the right to interpret my work as they see fit, however I hope they draw emotion, connection and inspiration from what I do while experiencing my work as an expressive extension of myself.

What should followers be expecting this year from your collections?
New experiments, hints of romantic macabre and perhaps the unexpected.
What can you say you're most proud of?
One of the things I'm most proud of is simply being able to do what comes from my heart. 

Learn more: BellaHarris.com

By: Shacity

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