On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: Stephun, Chi-Town

Hip-Hop artist Stephun
Recently on a very cold day I had a phone convo with Stephun, one of the hottest rappers from the windy city. He's signed with some of best people in the business and planning on bringing Chicago back up on top of the charts.

How long have you been in music ?
Music always been in me since I was like 8 or 9 yrs. old and at the age of 29 I finally stepped into the public with my talent and never looked back.

How did you hook-Up with AK from Do or Die ?

I was at a show in this town called Lansing, Illinois and he was headlining that night and this promoter heard me before and decided AK should hear me. So when I performed that night , AK took me under his wing and been mentoring me till this day.

Is the Chi-town sound getting ready to bang hard this summer ?
The sound never left, it's just not as popular as it was in the 90's . The generation and style of music has changed a lot , but it's truly about to come back like never before . With Do or Die , myself , Twista , Crucial Conflict and many other artist dropping albums and touring together very soon . Chicago still here!

Stephun and friends

What's the one place you'd like to sellout, standing room only?
Anywhere overseas personally for me, but if I would have to pick a place in the U.S. I would have to say The United Center and The Staples Center. Just to be honest, I want to be heard all over the world. 

Knock out the walls and ball hard or slow and steady to make you ready?
Slow and steady, never been the type to rush anything. I'd rather know everything about this game possible before I get too deep. Cause lots of artists make that mistake, going into this game with the lack of knowing . Then they live with regret , so I'll take the slow lane. (LoL)

Are you planning any calabos with R&B flavor ?
Yes , always been a fan of slow cuts . I'm an 80's baby , so I will be making all types of R&B type music . Especially coming into this game after my big bros Do or Die . They known for dropping tracks for the ladies . So just wait till you see how they bring me out . Chicago Music for life !

"Cocky" is this your first video , single ?
Yes it is . After AK discovered me , that night I went right home and wrote that song and it became a hit everywhere . The video came after the single was released . Truly gained a lot of respect in this music business after people heard me at these shows . Cocky is a song for everyone to enjoy and it motivates you no matter what you do on a daily basis.

In Chi-Town

Best Italian beef ?
LOL ! Anywhere in Chicago . Got the best ones I ever tasted so far , hands down ! Just find a beef spot and they all gonna taste the same . Make sure you get it dipped with hot peppers . LoL .

What's next for Stephun ?
Well I'm looking to go on tour , do more radio interviews , drop my first mixtape and album , bring out a clothing line . Just want to be known for what I do best . Got some stuff on the table right now , just waiting for the right time to announce it . I'll be around for a while .

SJ: That's just some knowledge from one of CHI-Towns next major musical break out artist, Stephun. 

Stephun: Look out for the tour dates near you and if I hear first I'm gonna let you guys know! Thanks for this exclusive interview, respect.

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