On1 Exclusive Interview: Sam Siegel

Sam Siegel 
During some funky East coast weather I had an opportunity to talk with my man Mr. Long Hair Don't Care, Sam Siegel.( Just like saying it that way ) Over the past few months he's been very busy traveling, doing video shoots. So I had to know.

You've been in the rap game for a few years now , is it any easier or still hard ?
I still have to put in the same amount of energy, if not more . I don't know if that answers the question Haha. More doors open everyday and I look forward to seeing what's behind them.

When doing you, what's the best place for you ?

I'd say when I'm walking around my city aimlessly smoking cigarettes. I like to write then.

SXSW is the shit , what was your experience ?

The experience was amazing. I had a lot of fun out there last year doing what I do best. I'll be out there again this year performing with GLC, Fred the godson and some other recognizable names.
Sam Siegel, Mixtape

What would be your sellout venue ?
MSG, that was surprisingly easy to answer.

You trying to bring back forty's ?

Haha , I think it's too late for that. Hipsters already throw'em out every chance they get. But nah, if you know me and my crew we are regular patrons of Ballentine who make the green 40's you often see us drink. That's the real old school.

If Biggie and Tupac were still alive and you were the third one, would things have ended differently or is that just how the game goes ?

Nah man, that's just how things happen . It was a tragedy. I see them both as like Jesus. They were both cut down at young ages preaching what they believed most. But at the same time they probably saved many lives, because I think people saw the outcome of actions mixed with emotions up close. But yea man, I think the best thing to do is learn from those situations.

The best place in NY to get a slice of pizza ?

Haha, I don't know. My boy just bought part of a pizza place, it's called Williamsburg pizza. If your in Brooklyn stop by there.

Any upcoming mixtape/album ?
Got an epic EP coming out soon, that's about it.

Your in the studio, who would you like to be on the other side ? Musically to record right there with you ?

I said in another interview I really want to work with Party Next Door. He's sick and he makes a lot of the beats he records on, He's dope.

I'll have to stop by there and try a slice, you heard it hear. Look for him and his crew at this years SXSW. Grab the music, feel the message . Thanks again, my man Sam Siegel.

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