On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: The Work - MZ NAY

Recently, I had the opportunity to get a few minutes to get this exclusive interview with MZNAY she’s been putting in the work for a minute with ambition and dedication. If not for a friend of hers she probably would be an author through her words or world renowned hair stylist. This is what happened

Who would you say is your biggest influence for getting into music?
Honestly, nobody musically influenced me 2 start my rap career. It was life situations that I went through. So I wrote a poem about it & at the time I was around people that did music & one of the artist (which was a friend), told me that I should turn it into a rap song. So from that moment on, I got some instrumentals & started developing my rap style.

How long have you been in the game?
Like 8 of um.

All songs are artist’s babies, which baby is your favorite?
Dang, that's a hard one! Lol! But at this time I thank it would be "AssShots ". Simply because the beat is coming down and there is a message behind the song.

What's the biggest show that you've done so far?
The biggest show and most exciting show I did was at the RITZ in Atlanta! I shared a stage with Trina, Gucci, Yung Chris, 2Chainz and more. I had a #HEAVY time :)

Have you ever done charity work?
Err show I did without pay was a charity to me Homie . Plus I gained a lot of exposure doing that type of charity.

Head up, toe to toe who would you want to battle?
Flat out, I'll rip the head off Nicki Minaj. Wig snatcher 4 Real.

Best smothered chicken in the city?
Ma Duke's aka My Mom!! :)

What's next for MZNAY?
Getting my ass back 2 the A 2 take over.

What's your favorite thing to relax too?
I'm a smoker :) So that's my favorite thang 2 do when I wanna relax. No matter what I'm doing.
Always where da paypa iz, ladies anthem?
No it's not. It's an errbody Anthem. It's 4 anybody that's getting paypa. 

Sean Jones:
Besides doing shows, MZNAY has put in work with Waka Flocka, Murdah Baby, Big Krit and on and on. So thanks friend for telling MZNAY to take her poem and put music to it . Be on the lookout for her upcoming album “I Mean Business “dropping in May. And Nicki Minaj don't kill the messenger! It's all outta love.

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