On1 Exclusive Interview: Ben Righter

Ben Righter
This one is for the Ladies , have I got a treat for you ! A few days ago I had the exclusive opportunity to chop it up with Mr. Ben Righter . This guy has a smooth voice , good looks and on his way into your hearts with his music . This is how it went....

"Love in Reverse" sophomore album , how you feeling?
I feel good about the project but it's on hold for the moment. I'm releasing another single next month. The song is called " Fall so Deeply"

Do you remember your first show? Ever?
Hmmmmm..... I opened up for 112. It was amazing!  I didn't get to meet the group but the love I got from thousands of people was priceless.  

Who else have you written songs for?
I've written for some label talent as a staff writer. Sold a few songs but nothing major. Still working on that but I'm positive that one day soon I'll get a major placement. 
Ben Righter 
Who's got the best cheese steak, hands down?
Lol. I don't really eat cheese steak so I'm not sure.  

What's the most memorable show to date that you've done?
Opening up for Brandy has to be the most memorable show I've ever done. Brandy was really nice to me. Even told me she loved my vocals.  

Are you still planning your movie and when can we expect to see it?
The next music video is like a movie so that's as close as I'm getting to releasing a feature film:-)

What's next for Ben Richter?
It's Ben Righter.  I'm looking forward to releasing the new single and video.  I'm doing some auditions for a couple of reality shows this spring and summer so stayed tuned:-)

Biggest influence in music?
Hmmmmm...... that's a tough one because I look up to so many artists. I gather influence from life and I would have to to say that life is my biggest influence. 

Where do you think you'll be at 10 years from now?
A decade from now I'll probably be bald and smelly lol. Honestly I think I'll be more focused on family than my musical endeavors. I'm not saying that music won't be a part of the picture but hopefully my success will allow me the opportunity to be a family man.

Singer or writer?
I'm more of a singer but I'm gifted in song construction.  So..... A writer all day. In the words of Jill Scott " I began as a poet ,  I'll die as a poet"

Well there you have it . He's starting rehearsals for an up coming project ( Hint , Hint )this summer ladies and in a few weeks heading to Atlanta for music and pleasure . Thanks for your time Ben and apologies for the misspell . 

"You only live once. Have courage to take risks and don't be afraid to invest in yourself "     - Ben 

By: Sean Jones  aka uglymugs


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