On1 Exclusive Interview: Dj King Ku$hGod

Dj King Ku$hGod
As a Deejay you've been successful over the last few years. What would you describe as most memorable? 
I would say my most memorable success was DJing sets for Meek Mill, Gucci Mane & DJ Drama in South Beach, and Miami at the "Sex on the Beach" convention. After that show was when I got my verified check on twitter! BIG moves.

Your company has received great feedback on the services you provide. What would you say is one of the key components to your success? 
I genuinely care about independent artists. I want them to succeed and thrive in the music industry just as I am. Since I don't do what I do for the money, I believe that is what has lead to my continuing success and longevity. My clients are treated like family. I have never had an unsatisfied client, EVER.
You've worked with many prolific names in the industry, how does it feel to be doing your job now, years later? 
It feels surreal. Like I was chosen to live the life I am living. I look back on collaborations I have done with major artists and sometimes it gets to me emotionally. I am so blessed, there is not a day I wake up and take for granted the opportunities presented to me or the moves I made to get where I am.
Dj King Ku$hGod & DJ Drama

Between being a businessman and a Deejay, would you say it's tough to balance both? 
Not at all, they fit together perfectly since all of my business has to do with the music industry in general. It actually is more of a positive thing, being able to give the clients I do DJ Business for extra opportunities to further there careers.

You're known as an award winning Deejay in the Mixtape realm, how does that feel to hold such an accreditation? 
The feeling is priceless. Nothing could top the feeling of waking up, KNOWING there are others waking up just waiting to work with me, and learn from the daily moves I make. Definitely priceless.

What are the most important things you can't live without before traveling out for work?
 Well, I literally can't live without my diabetic supplies! I gotta make sure to keep my diabetes in check when I am doing a show or in the studio. Also gotta have my lemon-lime Gatorade in case Mary Jane decides to give me bad cottonmouth! ha-ha!

What is your best work to date? 
My best work would have to be my "Trippy Tape" released last 4/20. I had loads of exclusive MAJOR singles on that tape, and it still stands as my most Viewed/Played/Downloaded mixtape to date. It has over 1 million views, half a million plays and almost 300,000 downloads worldwide!

You have a loyal fan-base. What do you feel is their favorite project, from you to date? 
Everyone loved my "Stimulants Illustrated" drop. I also am a recording artist, and that was my second release as far as my own vocals being on a tape. It is on Livemixtapes, and has had nothing but positive reviews. My fans loved the big name collabs I had as well. Some of them being from artists like RiFF RAFF & Lil B.

What can fans expect for upcoming projects in 2014? 
The fans already know what to expect. Tons of new compilation tapes with my own twist on them. Some new releases with some of the hottest independent artists out right now. I am also in the works of recording & releasing my THIRD mixtape installment as a recording artist, which should be out Fall 2014.

Any city tours this coming year that fans should be expecting? 
Me and my management have a lot of things lined up as far as shows & party hosting go across the nation. Nothing set in stone right now; however keep up to date with me, I WILL BE COMING TO YOUR HOOD SOONER THAN LATER.

The strip club or a day at the gym? 
A day with my son? Ha-ha, this is a tough one. Only reason I would go to the gym is to look at all the bubble butts, and that's the only reason I would go to a strip club as well....hmmm, at least the gym is free!

What is your favorite traveling city when you're grinding? 
My own city. My own hometown. The 7 cities, Virginia. There is no better work environment for me than being in the studio with people that grew up around me and have supported my movement for the longest. They motivate me and keep me focused, something I have a hard time doing myself. Call me a "Local Grinder" ha-ha.

 Dj King Ku$hGod:  

I appreciate On1 for taking time to learn more about my career and everyone associated with the magazine. Go follow my twitter @OfficialKushGod and check out my latest music video on VEVO "Always Zonin" when you get a chance. Hakuna Matata - Dj King Ku$hGod

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