On1 Culture: Hamorabi, #mahdIshtar


Hip-hop comes in all shapes and forms of styles that cultivate the minds of the fans. If the beat is good, the melodies flow and the rapper is committed then language doesn't matter. HAMORABI is a rapper from France who raps in Arabic and creates his own music. HAMORABI has a timing that is crazy because the words fit the music (even though I can't understand what he's saying) so well it sounds like a fight between the two. 

HAMORABI and EDO G dropped their video" Jungles of the East "a couple of weeks ago and it's banging!" Triangle (3 in ONE) " and " Mahdlshtar " (off the upcoming album MAHDISHTAR) displays his grind for the game. France you in the game with HAMORABI!

Hamorabi on set #mahdIshtar#comingsoon

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