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Sappho Clothing

SAPPHO Clothing is the creation of Daniel Dorce from New Britain, Connecticut. who was in love with his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately for him after years of happiness with her she confided in him that she was in love with a woman. Daniel like most, was crushed and confused by her admission. He wanted to learn more about that lifestyle and read books on it. 
The Sappho staff pose w/ famous female boxer Shelito Vincent

In doing so he understood all the bullshit that the LBGT community goes through. He over came the man with man, woman with woman thing to see that these are just people who have different outlooks on life. Not necessarily his views, but the views of that community. In doing so he wanted to bring attention to the bigger picture , there are many people who live in fear of what's different. SAPPHO Clothing is his voice in the community and beyond the small mindedness of some people. SAPPHO Clothing's logo is that of a painted turtle to represent strength, tenacity, honor, longevity, respect, love. 
SAPPHO photo shoot (previews)
Daniel changed his outlook and created a way to express yourself for the greater good of the LBGT community. In doing so he also created a forum for change within every community. SAPPHO Clothing donates ten percent of each sale into LBGT programs that educate and eradicate the prejudices of others. Please be encouraged to support the efforts of change and change the lives of others. SAPPHO Clothing has a full line of clothes from top to bottom and is affordable for everyone.

SAPPHO photo shoot (previews)

SAPPHO photo shoot (previews)

By Sean Jones


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