On1 Culture Exclusive Interview: The Big October Clothing with Creator/Founder: Joshua Brown

CEO Joshua Brown

What was the inspiration behind this brand?
The Big October Clothing is based off of the month of October that’s where it gets its inspiration from.
What made you take fashion more seriously before you opened up your own line?
What made me take fashion more seriously was when I saw that fashion was being taken as a joke. I felt like it needed help.

Talk to us about the culture that influences your line.
Street culture influences the brand the most because it’s something I relate to personally. Growing up I’ve always been a part of it and I’ve never changed.

What are the upcoming projects set for The Big October Clothing this fall of 2015?
We will be releasing more from the all new HARVEST collection that we have out now. The designs will be simple but classic at the same time. We will also have a few collaboration designs on the way, but I don’t want to spoil it all LOL just wait and see.

Fans of the line continue to stay loyal on the next new gear, what keeps them so engaged in wanting more?
 The fans are engaged because we’re always updating our social media pages with the most creative photo shoots possible. The fans are intrigued by what The Big October Clothing is doing and even become inspired.

Again you have a loyal following and it seems that your team continues to stay on target with their customers. Would you say that your leadership is what drives them?
Good leadership skills are a major factor in having a great team. Without leadership skills, I wouldn’t have The Big October Clothing. I don’t always play the lead roll though. Sometimes I let my team lead because they can be very creative and innovative at times. 

Who do you look up to?
I look up to Daymond John.
When you get some downtime away from the office, what do you like to do?
I like to go out and meet people. It’s fun meeting people and it helps my social skills.

You guys have been doing some traveling any word on a college tour for your line in the future?
Yes. a college tour in the future will be necessary. We might go on a college tour next year during either the spring or the fall.

What is The Big October Clothing?
The Big October Clothing is based off of the month of October

Why is being successful your primary goal above all else?
Being successful is my primary goal above; all else because it's apart of my optimistic way of thinking. I’m a very positive person and being successful my only option.

What are some of the creative thought process in creating the next design?
I basically get a sketch pad and turn on music. Then when I’m done I think about what I created and I enhance it even more. I continue to enhance the design for about a week or so. Then I have to ask myself why I picked the design so that I can explain it to my team. Once the team finds out we all come together to create an idea for the video for it, look book scheme, and the budget. It takes lots of time but we like doing this.
Where can people most likely shop for your line?
You can find it on Karmaloop.com (Kazbah) & TheBigOctober.com.

Give us a brief history about The Big October clothing
The Big October Clothing was made in 2010, but honestly we wanted the brand to represent us in some way so we said to each other “hey let’s make the brand about the month we were born”. And that’s where The Big October Clothing came from. Since then we’ve had pop-up shops, sponsored events, do look book shoots, and even had product placement with BET Network. We will continue to expand the brand across the USA each and every year.

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