In the City: The Underground Legend Documentary Filmmaker: Manny Kirchheimer

Manny Kirchheimer is one of the New York City’s most under-appreciated documentary filmmakers. His film “Stations of the Elevated,” which is getting a retrospective theatrical run this week (Oct. 17 to Oct. 23) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, is considered to be the first documentary about graffiti. However, calling “Stations of the Elevated a mere “documentary” does not do it justice. It is a visceral symphony of urban sights and sounds set to a soundtrack of Charles Mingus and Aretha Franklin music. More broadly, it is a moving commentary on the intersection of urban art and daily life. The shows at BAM will also include one of Kirchheimer’s earliest films, “Claw,” which focuses on the consequences of demolishing nature and old urban buildings.

by Gabe Friedman 

The Truth of Experience: a conversation with Manny Kirchheimer from Alejandro Veciana on Vimeo.

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