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Recently on a sunny SoCal day I had the opportunity to chop it up with my man Jay Entendre ( the kid Bilal ). To say the least, his passion for music led him to do what he had to do. Some people say it's all about how much work you put in, but sometimes it's how much hustle you have. And trust Jay Entendre has it! 

Kriko Bangz (left) Jay Ebtendre (right

"N.I.G.G.A." can you explain the concept of it?
I took the idea from Tupac Shakur and made it better, he used the acronym N.I.G.G.A to state - never ignorant getting goals accomplished. But he also said I wanna be your NIGGA so we can get drunk and smoke weed all day. Very contradictory so to clarify his original meaning in a better light I said I wanna be your N.I.G.G.A (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) so we can write poems and read books all day, i guess i'm good at turning lemons into lemonade. I took a negative word and rendered it powerless proving once and for all that words are words and they do have definitive meanings, but most times out of ten, our reaction to those words are based on our own interpretation of how it makes us feel. Much more constructive than the average rapper I suppose LOL

You have opened up for Good Charlotte have you had a chance to work with them musically?
I did get to hang out with a couple of them by their tour bus and that at the time was good enough for me. SO THEY CAN'T ACT HOLLYWOOD. Hopefully, they stay low-key long enough for me to buy a feature at a reasonable price LOL

How did it feel when you partnered with Sony distribution worldwide?
It felt stressful because I was fresh out of high school and the girl I was talking to, has a sister whose boyfriend's brother had a job there, so the deal happened rather easy but I lied about my marketing budget, they asked and I said 10k so they were expecting units to be sold, so I took the whole summer finding creative ways to market my record in a cost efficient way. Was I successful? Kinda LOL ( Hustle ) 

The best place that you performed at so far, Here or abroad?
My first REAL performance in High School, in front of some thousands of screaming girls. The local radio station spun for me and the dude I was opening for had a platinum selling song. To be quite honest, the energy of the crowd is what made it memorable and addicting to say the least!

How would you describe your musical swag?
A conscious stream of thoughts balanced with experimental instrumentals formulated into an MP3 on speakers LOL... Its either R.A.P - Rythm and Poetry or S.A.P - Singing and Poetry. For the most part I have no limits musically, that's why I can work with a pop artist from the 80s and make something fresh for the listeners, more so because i'm honest, with my sound, I don't live in a box so I don't box myself up musically; although my primary genres are Rap/Rock/Electro.

Toe to Toe, who would you like to battle?
I don't battle per say, but if I did I would have to say me and the homie Murda Mook VS Tech 9 and Kendrick, I think it would be formattable as long I write my lines in advance, otherwise i'll be cracking jokes the whole time. Lol

Who got the best-fried chicken, hands down?
Roscoes off top, but I don't know why I keep getting tired after I eat there, never fails... they must have some interesting things going on in their kitchen. Maybe I'll talk to the owners and get a split recipe going, who knows what the future holds.

How much of your surroundings went into "Laugh Now Cry Later"?
A good majority, at the time I was in DC, I was in school so I was somewhat frustrated because so much was happening musically that I couldn't be involved in. I was offered to go to the studio with XXL Freshman Fashawn and I was a thousand miles away and I had someone mimicking my image back home so I was somewhat frustrated, not to say my verse was geared towards him but i'm not gonna front and say I wasn't targeting the copycat.

What advice would you say is the best that you've gotten as far as music?
Fashawn told me to be one with the music. That's the most honest piece of advice that you can get from someone who has gained a significant amount of notoriety.

What's next for you?
I'm working on the remake for a number #1 billboard song with platinum selling artist Clive Farrington of When In Rome, we're bringing the old school the next school by turning a classic 80's pop song to a hopefully #1 Hip-Hop and Pop song in 2014.

Jay Entendre:: I'm also discussing a deal with a subsidiary to a pretty significant record company, I can't say who, but just know that they make GOOD music.

Sean Jones:  ( I'm daydreaming...You and Murda Mook Vs. Tech 9 and Kendrick?....) Wow, that's some food for thought! Jays versatility and determination has made him known the world over. He's a very busy artist and businessman, so this is very much appreciated.

There it was straight from my man, Jay Entendre! We Out!

by Sean Jones, Ugly Mugs

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