In the City: The United Arab Emirates has broken the world record for the longest graffiti wall

Stephane Valici, owner of the Street Art Gallery in Dubai, said: "The government wanted to be the first to show that a subversive form of art could also be showcased like any other art. The event was set up for the general public to see and to meet some of the best street artists in the world."

The street art scene in Dubai is still small, but a group of Filipinos is making its name with some exciting new art. Charly, who goes by his street tag name "Melan-Choly", is one of them. He had migrated here to find a better job - and now he is being paid for his passion.

Dubai is a city that holds an eclectic array of world records, such as the largest fireworks display, the tallest skyscraper and the most luxurious hotel. And now it has also set the record for the world's longest graffiti scroll.

by Audrey Coral

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