In the city: Detroit Hip-Hop Artist MAHD

Music is in his blood, heavily entrenched in it all throughout his life from various family members. But for most of his youth, MAHD was more interested in basketball than anything. Initially having hoop dreams, MAHD used to go hard in the paint on the basketball courts on a daily basis, but eventually his interests and focus would change, and now he hits music like he used to hit jump shots. "As hard as I went with that, trying to reach that goal, is how I'm doing with the music, " says MAHD. "This is my basketball now. Every day waking up, I'm playing basketball. I'm hitting the court trying to get better in some type of way. When I put my mind to something, I just really lock in."

Since his debut project MAHD Almighty in 2013, the emcee, now 26 years old, has gone through some relationship growing pains that have become the root of the new album 13. "It was just a way for me to vent," explains MAHD. "Some people write in a journal, some people have it to get stuff off their chest. I wasn't recording anything for a while. Once I was in a state to get back and record, that was just me saying what happened pretty much. I'm real private with a lot of stuff that I do so I just put it all in the music, and however you take it, that's how you take it."

by Kelly Frazier

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