In the city: Renowned French Street Artist "FAFI"

"At the beginning of your career you never ask for money, you give a lot and you [draw] plants for $100 and stuff like that because you want to build your [portfolio]." - FAFI

Influenced at a young age by the 1980s Japanese television series, Cat's Eye, based on the best-selling manga about three sisters who run a cafe by day and spend their nights as art thieves eluding the police in search of their long-missing father's collection, FAFI developed a desire to push the boundaries.

She had many a run-in with the police, was sent to jail several times, and shrugged off this fact with the fare-thee-well attitude of an artist whose daredevil beginnings have ultimately paid off. One of her first clients was actually the chief of police who commissioned her to paint a wall in his house. When cops would arrest her they would look at her drawings and ask if they could have one.

Nowadays, she's left the illegalities behind and is more focused on her brand and raising her nine-year-old son, Neil. Although she still lives the unpredictable life of a freelance artist, she's a little more careful now for his sake. She's focused on exposing him to the highs and pitfalls of her career as much as possible, a lifestyle she had to force her way into as a young artist.

Currently, FAFI said about her work, "I'm thinking more about the sense that I want to give. I'm thinking about more vision and giving it away. Instead of an ego trip."

by Asia Morris

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