In the city: The South City Native Mike Roth

"My mission statement is that I approach my videos as art. I don't call myself a director or a videographer. I call myself a video artist. All of my videos are 100 percent me. The artist has no say in what I do. That's the grand bargain."

"There's a tough, gritty, hard-nosed work ethic in St. Louis. The people who first came here took a huge risk. They were in the furthest-west white city in the world, the furthest edge of civilization for decades. People came here with nothing, not knowing what's next. It was a real end-of-the-railroad type of deal. The people who are St. Louisans who can trace their families back take risks, are entrepreneurial, never settle. That's kind of what I try to exude." - Mike Roth

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