In the city: Polynesian Pop Culture Takeover: Coco Solid

“In my world you’re only as good as those you helped to amplify I wouldn’t be working in film and TV without the help of people like Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement constantly pushing me. The goal is to have our future creatives feel entitled to the same opportunities. - Coco Solid

“I feel with the critical increased demand for more marginalized, more diverse writers, you get characters and archetypes moving away from the tired, tumble-dried racist shit to actual real examples that resonate with people. The sporty, butch aunty with mana to burn; the militant activist uncle; the internalized assimilated dad; I think why (Aroha Bridge) found its audience was that I didn’t want to insult anyone and recycle. I wanted to mine parts of our actual experience and people show love when you do that.” - Coco Solid

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