In the city: Emily Fromm

"I’ve always been drawn to neon signs, vintage fonts, businesses with crazy mascots, and hand painted signs. In LA, everything from donut shops to auto mechanics have big, loud signage, and with the amount of time that you spend in traffic there, you end up looking at them a lot. My mom was also really into collecting anything 1950s or retro, so I grew up going to thrift stores, antique malls and swap meets with her all of the time. I liked looking through things like old food tins and canisters, toys, magazines and ads, fruit crate labels, things like that - they all had cool text and flat, simple illustrations. We also had family in Las Vegas and Carson City, Nevada who we would drive to visit pretty often, so that was a sign goldmine for me. When I first started painting cityscapes, I started taking reference photos while I was out if I saw something on the street that I thought I might want to paint. I found that the scenes that I wanted to get pictures of almost always were places with great signs." - Emily Fromm

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